Classroom of the Elite (Light Novel) Vol. 8: 10

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Classroom of the Elite (Light Novel) Vol. 8: 10

Classroom of the Elite (Light Novel) Vol. 8: 10

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Hirata asked Chabashira if there was a way to extend a "lifeline", to which she answers that 20 million private points, along with 300 class points would be needed to save an expellee. After arrival at the camp, 6 gender-based groups would be formed, consisting of students from all the years. Kiyotaka continues to lend her a listening ear and asked what she intends to do if someone close to her is on the brink of expulsion. On Monday which was the fifth day of exam, four hours of the morning's lessons were dedicated to physical exercises. Hirata and Horikita become the leaders of their respective genders for any person to consult if they had problems.

She explains her mentality that 'everybody’s the same, nobody really wants to tell lies' Thus, she aims to avoid them and be as accurate as possible. Meanwhile, in the morals classroom, it is explained that they will need to give a speech everyday, with the theme differing depending on the school year. During dinner, Ayanokoji decides to make his move, he had told Kei to look for Nazuna Asahina and he chose to tail her during dinner. Kiyotaka remarked that this is when students like Ichinose who are trusted and possesses remarkable communication skills shine, admitting that he isn’t suited for this whatsoever. The instructor explains that they must be considerate of the feelings of others and that Zazen is being practiced for that purpose.At the location where their Zazen practice will be held, Hideo Sotomura comments that it would be his first time doing Zazen, to which the instructor scolds him for his unusual dialect. Hashimoto then questions Ryuuen on whether he had really stepped down as Class leader, sharing his perspective that he can’t imagine him being defeated by Ishizaki and the others. Finally Kiyotaka relented, not wishing to exert any more effort and wagering that Koenji would keep his promise after he finished hunting the boar. However, it is a unique trip in which a total of eight students, one boy and one girl from each class, will be grouped together for the five days, four nights. Sakayanagi didn't take anyone from Class B and on her behalf, Kamuro declared that Ichinose is not trustworthy and added other speculations.

In the middle of the night, Ayanokoji wakes up to see who left the message under his pillow which turns out be Manabu Horikita. The other three classes started forming groups, but no one was willing to take Kakeru Ryūen so Akito Miyake volunteers to take him in exchange for the reward from first place. She reveals that their Class A had a myriad of thorns that dragged him down, however, he has sacrificed much to protect his comrades. The students in his group were able to get along relatively well, irrespective of their shared antipathy towards Kouenji.I do see him during bath time and toilet breaks as well as during meals but we just keep missing each other. It was the strategy prepared by Nagumo just for her as he would never pull out the strategy against Manabu since he doesn't want to expel him.

Akane was shocked and starts adamantly denying his words after the introduction of an unexpected guest. For better or for worse, he lived his life without stirring up anything, being a role model and believing it to be the right thing to do. The girls found it strange as lies are normally told to avoid hurting people, but Ichinose then shares her thought that "A lie meant to avoid hurting people would only be delaying the inevitable. On a Thursday morning, after the 3rd semester began, the 1st years along with the 2nd and 3rd were travelling in buses on a highway. All new volumes are published in our server roughly 2 weeks before they are uploaded to this site, so if you want to get them ahead of time, consider joining!In addition, if a group is composed of students of more than two classes, the rewards are amplified. Kiyotaka then leaves, advising Ichinose not to get too fired up, with her replying that her energetic side is pretty much the only thing going for her. Although Nagumo acknowledges it as a plan, he shuts down Kōenji's further attempts by saying that he wasn't trustworthy and that he would report it to the school as it shouldn't be allowed. She was also not hiding the fact that she wanted to be alone for awhile, which causes Kiyotaka to realise that Sakayanagi must have had made her move.

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