Blue Orange | Next Station - London | Board Game | Ages 8+ | 1-4 Players | 25 Minutes Playing Time

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Blue Orange | Next Station - London | Board Game | Ages 8+ | 1-4 Players | 25 Minutes Playing Time

Blue Orange | Next Station - London | Board Game | Ages 8+ | 1-4 Players | 25 Minutes Playing Time

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We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. Maybe lacks a little variety after 10-15 plays compared to a game like Rustling Leaves or Welcome To Collector's Edition.

One card is a Railroad Switch symbol: when this card is turned over, turn over another symbol card, but you may start your straight line segment from any station on your current line (creating a fork in your track). Play over four rounds as you work to create the ideal metro, making sure you make the most of interchanges! Optimize connections, serve as many sights as possible and exploit the tunnels that pass under the Thames. The BGA option allows for me to introduce it to friends around the world which has been great as we’ve all enjoyed it.

Each player is trying to achieve these objectives throughout the game and will grant the players ten additional points. Granted, you’re not really optimizing for tourist comfort, but you’ll get them there eventually, and that’s what urban transit is all about. I’m not as sold on the “go to every District” objective, but, the game is just as fun without the Shared Objectives! But the next time you play, you’ll have a different combination, and now the blue pencil gets a track split.

It’s somewhat avoidable if you plan things out, but experiencing it (being unable to connect to a new Station) kind of sucks. There is only a single map included in the game, so all 200 sheets of paper feature the same problem to solve. It's time to get to the drawing board with this game, as The City of London has commissioned you to redesign their underground network! The bold colours and style feels retro while being modern, a bit like much of the underground artwork.The game does have a little bit of a solitaire feel, in that you can’t affect another player at all—each player is filling out their sheet independently, and your domain is your own. Almost all of the reviews on Board Game Quest are from review copies of a game provided by the publisher. For the simple reason that I feel like I have more control in Next Station – London and I am not as hindered by the luck of the cards. Your actions are simple: starting from your current pencil color station, and viewing the action’s current card shape (circle, square, triangle, or pentagon, aligning with the station shapes on each player’s sheet), players must draw a single line along the gray pre-printed lines from one shape to one matching the currently flipped card. Next Station: London has a simple concept and comes from a publisher that I have generally enjoyed ( Paco’s Party, Kingdomino: Origins).

After a while, I’ll admit that they all felt a bit same-y, and my enthusiasm for the genre diminished a bit. In there somewhere, however, is also a handy switch symbol that lets you split off from any station on your current line to the symbol shown on the next flipped card. Interchange Bonuses are pretty helpful, though, especially if you can get three or four lines through one Station. I can see this being taken travelling with us a lot and hitting the table as a little warm up or filler game regularly. End-of-round scoring is based on how many districts were visited multiplied by the largest number of stations you visited within a single district.

Most of the cards show a station type (shape), and you could draw a line from any end of your current line to a station of matching shape to that on the card. How to Play In Next Station London, you’re a Controller in charge of redesigning a 4 line underground system in London. Everyone will get the same powers tied to the same colors during a game—for instance, the pink pencil might be the one that gets a free track split. This makes it much easier to double back and fill in more Stations in a particular district or to go after Tourist Sites (or cross the Thames multiple times). Here’s what I do (Gloomhaven): rather than having 1 coin be worth X amount (based on scenario level), I instead put that many there.

Disclosure: Meeple Mountain received a free copy of this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. The shared objective cards mix up the play and stop you formulating a similar plan each time and I like the way these mix up the strategy.The remaining pencils (or pens) are placed in between all the players or in a row if you are playing solo.

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